Experienced Medical Doctor or General Nurse Practitioner

Job description:

We are looking for an experienced, passionate, and dedicated Medical Doctor (MD) or General Nurse
Practitioner (GNP) to join our growing staff. The MD/GNP will provide direct patient care, discussing patient symptoms and concerns, and performing thorough examinations to diagnose their medical problem, prescribe medication, and create a treatment plan. When required, the GNP will collaborate with our physicians to treat more advanced illnesses or injuries.

Our ideal candidate practices the principles of a health coach, which is the combination of the physical, psychological, social, spiritual, and cultural components of health and wellbeing. This reflects the ‘whole you’ principle, which is at the core of our work and philosophy.

In addition, we seek a MD/GNP who has a curiosity for life-long learning and an affinity for modern healthcare technologies such as home monitoring devices, self-diagnoses solutions, and electronic medical records.

Applicants must have a current Maryland state license to practice, and at least five years of medical work experience.

Duties and Responsibilities

● Facilitate new patient consultation and health history review
● Perform physical examinations and screenings of patients and family, if required
● Order and administer tests including bloodwork
● Review and interpret test results to diagnose health problems
● Able to put patient’s problem in their specific context
● Recommend further treatment options or future appointments if needed
● Provide referrals to other practitioners when necessary
● Provide after-care/ongoing care information and resources to patients and their families
● Ensure electronic patient records are kept up to date including test results, immunizations, condition changes, etc.
● Advise on medical devices that are in the market and helping patient to understand the benefits of using them as well as providing advice about what to use
● Eager to learn and expand the knowledge about future changes in healthcare
● Excellent listener and observer
● Able to contribute to further growth and increasing quality of care where needed
● Excellent skills in patient education
● Outstanding presentation skills (online and in person)
● Critical thinking, the ability to think logically about a problem in order to solve it
● Leadership skills

Requirements and Qualifications

● Master’s degree in nursing, or M.D. degree
● Current Maryland state practitioner license
● 5+ years of medical experience
● Understands HIPAA and OSHA regulations
● Able to operate as part of a team, alongside physicians and other staff
● Proficient in EHR medical charting system and computer-based data management programs and
information systems


The salary is according to experience