I. C. Care Medical Philosophy

I.C. Care limits our practice to patients over the age 18. Our practice philosophy is to view each of his patients with a holistic approach that focuses on optimizing each patient’s overall health. Office visits at I.C. Care will include a discussion of life style choices and how each individual patient’s life style choices can impact overall physical health and well-being of the patient. Life style choice includes diet, behavior and well resulting nutritional state. I. C. Care’s treatment plans often will include recommendations for changes in life style choices and nutrients to attempt to improve the patient’s overall health and well-being.
Our patients are encouraged to participate in this holistic approach overall health and well-being.

If any patient is uncomfortable with this holistic approach to overall patient health, I. C. Care will accommodate any desires of the patient to limit care and treatment to the particular health problem that the patient presents for at the time of the is it or arrange for the individual patient to be seen by another Internist who may not share the holistic view in the practice of medicine.
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